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Energy Capability

Our Strategic Partner

Indochina Energy Partners Pte. Ltd. (IEP)

Established in 2007 under Singapore law .

  • Solar power producer, investor and developer active in Southeast Asia with focus on rooftop solar and DPPA with commercial & industrial customer.
  • Representative of Norsk Solar in SEA region – subsidiary of NV group (largest developer of wind park in Norway) with 1GW of renewable energy project commissioned.
  • IEP provides roof-top solar installation, maintenance and financing solutions for commercial and industrial factory owners.
  • Financing is available, subject to payment guarantees through a SPV, for credit worthy customers or their sub-contractors.
  • Solid financial background with Scandinavian investment.
  • Experienced team emphasizing corporate governance in corporate social responsibility – understanding the investment value of the ‘triple bottom line’ of economic, environment, and social responsibility in energy and natural resource related investment.
  • SAM Energy is a co-founder of Indochina Energy Partners.

Working with SAM


  • Acquire operating assets in Vietnam including coal, hydro, solar, and wind projects.
  • Joint-development with local developers in brownfield projects.
  • Participate as significant minority shareholders in energy platforms.

New Project Development

  • Renewables Energy
  • New solar and wind projects, including offshore wind projects.
  • LNG projects
  • Participate in the investor selection process for new LNG project.
  • Energy-related infrastructure
  • Investment in energy-related infrastructure such as LNG terminal, cold-energy storage, battery-storage projects.


  • Investment in supply chain for energy projects such as wind turbine components, or solar panel factories.

Debt financing

  • Debt financing for energy projects since the local financing cost is high (approximately 10.5% in VND).


  • Survey, O&M, engineering, project management services.


  • LNG, LPG, Coal, and Carbon credit trading.

Our partner