SAM adheres to high standards of corporate governance in all facets of the company’s operations, with strict procedures and control mechanisms in place to conduct our business with transparency, efficiency and integrity in order to provide stakeholders with the rewards from high performance.

SAM’s investors have inherent rights to assess its team, performance and assets. SAM’s investor relations team issues regular reports detailing market conditions and asset valuation, provides ongoing market analysis, and responds to inquiries in a timely and objective manner.

The company’s management implements rigorous internal controls that avoid conflicts of interest, fostering strong teamwork and shared responsibilities. SAM has a Code of Ethics that ensures integrity at all levels of our operations.

SAM conducts regular reviews of company policies and procedures. Benchmarking of operational and financial performance against peer groups and the company’s own internal targets is systematically conducted throughout the year.

Corporate Social Responsibility: SAM has a proud track record of commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The company maintains high standards of ethics and integrity, participates, and contributes towards various social and community activities and encourages its staff to engage in CSR initiatives that benefit the communities within which SAM operates.