Vietnam Impact Holding LP is a Vietnam focused fund seeking mid to long-term capital appreciation in sustainable companies in Vietnam who are raising expansion institutional capital. Sectors of interest to the Fund will include financial inclusion, health care, technology, and agriculture.

The Fund VIH’s Developmental Objectives

  • - The Fund is expected to have a highly developmental impact in Vietnam by supporting companies that provide solutions to promote inclusion and sustainability that are vital and specific to the country.
  • - Vietnam needs to enhance financial inclusion, food and water safety, as well as leveraging technology in order to continue as one of the fastest economies in Southeast Asia as well as a food export powerhouse.
  • - To meet this demand, the Fund seeks to invest in companies that will create sustainable jobs, improve infrastructure, promote social policies and CSR initiatives.
  • - The Fund Manager and its industry expert advisors will transfer expertise to the Fund portfolio companies to support these companies reaching sustainable profitability.
  • - Economic sectors of interest include those with broad consumer bases, including financial services, health care, technology platforms, food and water security. 



  • - The Fund would be the first Vietnam-focused sustainable fund, supporting DFIs and regional funds with unapparelled resources.
  • - DFIs and regional funds can benefit from proprietary deal flow, resources, and value creation system from the Fund.
  • - The GP is one of the most experienced impact investment teams in the country with over 15 years track record of outperformance and building successful companies.
  • - The Fund has strong proprietary deal flow with broad sustainable impact.
  • - The GP has established a network of over 20 industry veterans that can assist the value creation process of portfolio companies.
Fund Name

Vietnam Impact Holding (VIH)

Target Size

US$100 million

Fund Structure


GP/Investment Manager

Saigon Asset Management (SAM):

Fund Domicile

Cayman Islands

Fund Geography



To invest in innovative private companies which support sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Vietnam while achieve competitive risk-adjusted financial return.


Financial Inclusion

Investment Strategy

We aim to optimize return while balancing with ESG benefits.
We selectively invest in promising mid to later stage private companies, add value through active management, leveraging the ecosystem and network of the GP, and exit through IPO or M&A.

Investment Criteria

Growing companies with compelling business model, growing market share, strong management teams, with ESG consideration.

Fund Term

10 years


Big 4

Custodian & Administrator


Realization & Exit

IPO or M&A
Listing of project entities
Distributable cash

Information and Subscription Contact

Jessica Linh Nguyen –

For more information on Vietnam Equity Holding, please contact us at