Sunwah Kingsway and Saigon Asset Management announce joint venture to provide advisory services to Vietnam enterprises – Press Release

SAM 25th October, 2016

 Organizations combine strengths to provide advisory services

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, October 25, 2016. Sunwah Kingsway and Saigon Asset Management (SAM) today announced a joint venture to provide advisory services for both local and international enterprises in Vietnam. 

The joint venture will operate under the name Sunwah Kingsway Vietnam (SKV) and will be based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. SKV combines the global resources and expertise of Sunwah Kingsway and Sunwah Group, as well as the strength and investment track record of SAM in Vietnam. Sunwah Kingsway will own 60% of SKV, with SAM owning the remaining 40%. 

“The increased global investment interest in Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam, was the genesis of the formation of SKV. As Sunwah Group has been investing and operating in Vietnam since 1970, we see this as a great opportunity to leverage over 45 years of on-the-ground experience to increase our proprietary investments as well as provide investment and advisory services to our clients,” commented Louis Nguyen, CEO for SKV. “At the same time, SKV is to address the needs of many high growth Vietnamese companies seeking strategic capital as well as IPO in the Hong Kong and overseas market. This agreement represents Sunwah Kingsway and SAM’s strong commitment to provide our investors and clients as the go-to source of in Vietnam.” 

SKV through its Hong Kong licensed associates offers proprietary investments as well and service offerings in corporate finance/capital markets, private equity, real estate, fund management, and managed accounts in Hong Kong. 

“Vietnam is currently on the cusp of entrance into various Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) as well as the MSCI Emerging Market index, and incoming investors will need a local partner with strong investment as well as operational expertise,” commented Michael Choi, CEO of Sunwah Kingsway. “By partnering and capitalizing on the investment track record of SAM, as well as increasing Sunwah Kingsway’s presence in Vietnam prior to these two significant milestones, SKV seeks to provide our clients and investors with quality deal flow opportunities and fruitful returns.”



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