SAM invests in well-managed, undervalued companies with strong fundamentals.

SAM aims to invest in growing companies that contribute to measurable positive social, economic, or environmental impacts across sectors including financial services, renewable energy, healthcare, education, agriculture, and technology.

SAM adopts a value investment strategy which targets positive environmental and social outcomes while aiming to also optimize returns

1. Leverage SAM’s investment track record, expertise, and vast network of industry contacts in Vietnam to attract deal flow, optimize returns, and add long term, sustainable values
2. Selectively investing to get significant minority stakes in growing private companies in Vietnam with compelling business models, growing market share, and strong management teams
3. Creating value through post-investment business enhancement and monitoring of portfolio companies by leveraging SAM’s dedicated teams to execute strategy planning, restructuring, improving sales and marketing, increasing operational efficiency, and improving corporate governance
4. Exit investments through IPO or M&A via an existing network of local and regional strategic and financial investors