SAM invests in well-managed, undervalued growing private companies with strong fundamentals, that contribute to measurable positive social, economic, or environmental impact across sectors. 

SAM’s Portfolio Company

Indochina Energy Partners Pte. Ltd. (IEP)
Established in 2007 under Singapore law.

  • Solar power producer, investor and developer active in Southeast Asia with focus on rooftop solar and DPPA with commercial & industrial customer.
  • Representative of Norsk Solar in SEA region – subsidiary of NV group (largest developer of wind park in Norway) with 1GW of renewable energy project commissioned.
  • IEP provides roof-top solar installation, maintenance and financing solutions for commercial and industrial factory owners.
  • Financing is available, subject to payment guarantees through a SPV, for credit worthy customers or their sub-contractors.
  • Solid financial background with Scandinavian investment.
  • Experienced team emphasizing corporate governance in corporate social responsibility – understanding the investment value of the ‘triple bottom line’ of economic, environment, and social responsibility in energy and natural resource related investment.
  • SAM Energy is a co-founder of Indochina Energy Partners.

Working with SAM


  • Acquire operating assets in Vietnam including, hydro, solar, and wind projects.
  • Joint-development with local developers in brownfield projects.
  • Participate as significant minority shareholders in energy platforms.

New Project Development

  • Renewables Energy.
  • New solar and wind projects, including offshore wind projects.
  • LNG projects.
  • Participate in the investor selection process for new LNG project.
  • Energy-related infrastructure.
  • Investment in energy-related infrastructure such as LNG terminal, cold-energy storage, battery-storage projects.


  • Investment in supply chain for energy projects such as wind turbine components, or solar panel factories.

Debt financing

  • Debt financing for energy projects since the local financing cost is high (approximately 10.5% in VND).


  • Survey, O&M, engineering, project management services.


  • LNG, LPG, and Carbon credit trading.

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