Saigon Asset Management is an investment and advisory firm that provides international investors with a unique insight and opportunity to access the Vietnamese and ASEAN market

Vietnam Property Holding (VPH) invests in Vietnam listed real estate equities and returned 54% in 2014. It was ranked the #1 fund in Vietnam and outperformed all peers and indices.*

VEH has outperformed all Vietnam indices, peer funds and ETFs since inception

Fund Management

Our two investment funds were both established in 2007. The flagship fund, Vietnam Equity Holding (VEH), has been the top performing fund in its class since inception. The real estate fund, Vietnam Property Holding (VPH) has outperformed the Vietnam Index and returns have significantly exceeded the listed real estate industry group since inception.

Investment Banking

We provide portfolio management, private placement, mergers & acquisitions, and corporate finance services.

Our experienced and dedicated research team, broad strategic partnership and local knowledge are all combined to provide unique insights into ASEAN listed and private equity opportunities to attain exceptional returns to our investors and clientele.